The Single, Fastest Way to Change Your Life


So, here it is, the fastest and simplest way to totally change your life is to change your perspective. Before you roll your eyes and walk away saying you’ve already heard it or you “know all about it”. If your life still isn’t where you want it to be, you may be aware of it, but you don’t KNOW IT because once you do truly KNOW IT, it becomes a way of life.

“Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.” – Marcus Aurelius

YOUR perspective becomes your REALITY. Your perspective CREATES and SHAPES your life. In other words, how you see yourself and your life is what you and your life become.

What Is Perspective?

  • How you see you, your life, experiences, situations, conversations, outcomes, incidents, interactions, circumstances, actions and reactions
  • How you see yourself influences the way you see and feel about others.
  • The way you see the world is YOUR perspective.
  • Everyone – EVERY SINGLE PERSON – has their own perspective, and they don’t all match yours. Not everyone sees the world the way you do.
  • Your perspective – and everyone else’s perspective – is not FACT, it’s YOUR PERSPECTIVE.
  • Your perspective is shaped by your fears, insecurities, wants, needs, desires, beliefs and the programs you have running on autopilot in your mindset – and so is everyone else’s.

The “Meaning” of Life

Incidents, experiences, outcomes, interactions, conversations, circumstances, actions & reactions – in and of themselves – have no meaning, they are “events”. When they occur, you experience an emotional response based on the MEANING you’ve attached to them. The MEANING is determined by your perspective. The MEANING is what causes you to feel the way you do. You may not have control over other people, events, situations, circumstances, etc. but you DO have the ability to control your own mind – including your perspective, based on the meaning you assign to each event, circumstance, interaction,

So if you don’t like the way you feel, don’t like your circumstances all you have to do to alter them is SHIFT YOUR PERSPECTIVE and things change instantly. When you feel good you see things differently and make different decisions. That happens immediately and has a ripple effect that grows exponentially causing tangible and intangible changes in your reality.

Signs & Symptoms You Need To Shift Your Perspective:

  • You focus more on the negative, the differences, the flaws and what’s not working.
  • You aren’t enjoying yourself.
  • You aren’t satisfied.
  • You’re very critical of yourself and others.
  • You’re embarrassed and frustrated for not being at the level you want to be.
  • You tend to take sides.
  • You feel little compassion for the other person/side.
  • You feel powerless.
  • You feel intimidated by someone/something
  • You compare yourself with others – and their progress vs. yours
  • You feel hurt, angry, and/or disappointed.
  • When you’re criticizing yourself
  • You are losing/have lost faith

HOW Do You Shift Your Perspective?

Ask yourself how you can view the “event” (situation, conversation, incident, person, etc.) differently

  • When faced with a problem, use the questions – “How might I …?”, or “How can I make this work?” or “How can I make this EVEN BETTER?” These expand the mind rather than putting up roadblocks.
  • Count, recognize and celebrate your progress!
  • Remove the emotion from the feedback or event – Every experience provides data, start looking at these “events” from this perspective. What lesson can you take, what can you improve, do differently, what worked, what’s repeatable? Take the emotion out of the experience by analyzing the data and taking the feedback that’s valuable and discarding the rest.
  • Imagine yourself as the protagonist in a movie. We’ve all seen movies where the “star” is someone who’s not perfect and despite all her mistakes and shortcomings we route for her anyway. Well, that’s who you are! You’re the star of this movie called your life, start seeing yourself as the plucky protagonist we’re all routing for! Even when that character makes a mistake or hurts someone the audience can see it’s because she’s hurting, or scared or insecure and we cut her slack for it. We still want her to rise to the challenge, b/c we know she can do it. Start seeing yourself as our plucky heroine and give yourself a break! We are all routing for you!

When it involves another person seek first to understand them – their fears, insecurities, desires, needs, wants, etc. View things from that person’s perspective with their “stuff” in mind. What insight does that give you? Remove judgment and blame as you seek deeper understanding. I warn you, this is tricky when the person is totally pissing you off, but it benefits you to go through this process, no matter how much you want to bitch and complain, or how justified you may be, remove the judgment and blame and seek understanding.

Ask yourself what meaning you’ve attached to the “event” you’ve responded to. What other meanings could you attach to the “event”? How does the altered meaning affect the way you feel?

When you challenges the meanings of “events” you alter your perspective which results in fewer negative reactions which creates more positive feelings which creates and upward spiral. Your thoughts drive your feelings which drive your actions which create your reality. So when you’re ready to change your life, start by shifting your perspective. Fuel and upward spiral and watch the magic it creates in your life. It only takes a moment, really.


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