Top 10 Motivational Speakers


The World’s Top 10 Motivational Speakers

  1. Anthony Robbins

TonyTony Robbins may not refer to himself as a “Motivational Speaker,” (rather a “Life Strategist”), but he remains one of the most dominant influential speakers in the world today. He has personally amassed a wealth of over 400 million dollars while also helping more than 3 million people breakthrough personal barriers during his live seminars. In addition, over 50 million people have purchased his products. He’s also advised dozens of world leaders, including US Presidents, and is regularly featured in the news on any topic that impacts people’s lives, including health, well-being, and finance. To many, even those not interested in motivation, he is ubiquitous with the motivational speaking industry.


  1. Eric Thomas

Top Speaker Motivation
A high school dropout and homeless man turned into one of the most followed and influential motivational speakers in the world today. Tens of millions of people have heard his voice as the backdrop of inspirational videos, and he’s worked with top athletes and fortune 500 companies.




  1. Gary Veynerchuck


Creator of Wine Library TV and Veyner Media, Gary Veynerchuck is one of the most popular speakers and writers on the subject of social media and success. He is regularly featured on national TV as an expert explaining changes in market trends and the future of media, and his books, including Crush It and Jab Jab, Right Hook have been NY Times bestsellers. With millions of twitter followers and numerous stage appearances, his ideas have changed the marketing focus of thousands of small businesses as well as some of the largest companies in the world.




  1. Darren Hardy
    Top speakers Darren

Chief Editor of Success Magazine, Darren is often thought of as one of the world’s most distinguished experts on success and motivation. His books have reached the top of NY Times Best Seller lists and he is a featured speaker at sales and leadership conferences.




  1. Les BrownLes Brown

Former politician, Radio DJ, and an Award Winning Speaker and Bestselling Author, Les Brown’s message is inspiring and energetic. He is a big believer in “Never Ending Education” and “Living Your Dreams.” He rose to national prominence in the 1980s, and continues to this day to be one of the most quoted and popular speakers in the world.




  1. Grant CardoneGrant Cardone

Although Grant Cardone’s audience is (today) smaller than some of the other speakers on this list, he can still boast some of the most fanatical followers on the planet. He’s one of the most hardcore, hard hitting, and polarizing people in motivation. Author of Sell Or Be Sold and The 10x Rule, as well as host of the TV show Turnaround King, he is still making moves to reach millions more people.



  1. Top motivational speakersCT Fletcher

CT Fletcher, a body builder and YouTube star, whose profanity and insults are sure to get anyone fired up.






  1. url-2T. Harv Eker

Harv Eker’s influence stretches beyond just his speeches and books; his seminars, including Millionaire Mind Intensive, are led by accomplished instructors who’ve each made a lot of money and now share their secrets of wealth to others. Every month, thousands of people are introduced to his work and company Peak Potentials




byronkatie   9. Byron Katie

Author of Loving What Is and The Work, Byron Katie’s simple strategist to inner peace has transformed the lives of millions of people. She regularly holds weekend retreats and seminars where she pushes hundreds to thousands of people to let go of the beliefs they hold onto that are causing them pain and suffering.



  1. Rory Vaden Rory Vaden

Still in his early thirties, Rory is the youngest member of this list. He’s twice been a finalist in the World Championship of Public Speaking (once placing 2nd), and is a Bestselling Author as well as featured guest on national TV spots. Rory is the founder of the multi million dollar consulting company Southwestern Consulting and tours the world spreading his message of self discipline, leadership, and sales.

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