What You Might Not Get from Jim Rohn’s Very Powerful Quote


Jim Rohn, one of the key voices from the personal development world, offers us an awesome ‘rags-to-riches’ story laced with commitment to goodness and excellence.

One of his quotes landed for me early on:

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

Rohn believed that by association, we adopt the thoughts, habits, actions and behaviors of the five people we spend most of our time with, which got me thinking about who I spent most of my time with and the ways they influenced my outlook and ideas of what is possible in life.

I would be telling a half-truth if I didnt say how much this one idea shaped my life for the better.

But what I’ve seen over and over again among highly skilled execs is that instead of those top 5 inspiring them to the next level, they lose connection to themselves, their hopes, their dreams, and their vision of life because they are so driven by the lessons and successes of their mentors.

I’ve attended several events expecting to get to know a person better from their presentation and work, to only find yet another Tony Robbins ‘wanna-be.’ Events where original thoughts seemed missing, and replaced with filler-content, the no heart, no soul, no individuality, mass-produced regurgitation material and themes.

Admittedly, I got pulled into that mindset too, but I knew was losing myself and my confidence in my voice and my ideas.

So, I took these steps to free myself from the mindset of my top 5, to find my strongest voice, my unwavering conviction, my moral compass and my resolute confidence to deliver everyday.

  1. Recognize their thoughts affecting you
    1. If you’re not prudent, there is a huge consequence to taking on Rohn’s idea on as a stand-alone practice. Think utter confusion. Think consummate copy-cat-ism. Think pure imitation. Think outright plagiarism. Think both gross and heartbreaking.
    2. If we spend all our time looking outside ourselves for guidance, assurance and yes, even validation from our ‘key five,’ how on earth can we ever access our own unique contribution to the world?
  1. Take the deep dive inward, to find our authentic expression.
    1. Sure, I get that by looking to the five who make the most difference for ‘us,’ it’s really hard to be not only impressed, but maybe even a little diminished, so we put a little ‘spin’ on all this stuff that we feel we own now, because we live it, we believe it, to make it sound ‘’ But it doesn’t sound new. It sounds like no-confidence-copy-cat-ism, with the loss of our own, unique, powerful expression.
    2. Meditate everyday. Meditation is flat-out non-negotiable, to re-center, to regroup, from all external influences, demands and responsibilities. Meditation is indeed the most powerful mind-training activity to produce positive results in all areas of life.
  1. Create your unique spin, recognize your unique contributions separate from the lessons and successes you gain from your ‘key-5’ and you will discover a passion and confidence, a strength of conviction and personal power that is literally unstoppable.

I agree with Jim Rohn.

I also believe that Jim Rohn would agree with me too, that our journey must be an inward journey as well as an outward journey.


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